July 19, 2019

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July 19, 2016
All Long Distance customer accounts will include a increase of the monthly fee from $0.99 to $1.99 effective September 1st 2016.


  "I am extremely pleased with ECG's customer service, the representatives are professional, very product knowledgeable, and extremely courteous. Actually, I've had nothing but a pleasant experience with your company. I will be a life-long customer, and so will my relatives, who are telling their friends of your service. So, keep up the great work!"  

- Joe, TN

  "I'm writing to congratulate you on well run consumer organization. I'm not in the habit of writing corporate organizations, but my experience with your group deserves the exception. I offer you "well done" on every aspect of my initial customer sign-up..."  

- John, DC




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ECG Referral Rewards
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ECG is proud to announce a new way to save money on your telecommunication services. ECG Referral Rewards is a customer referral program designed to help you reduce or completely eliminate your long distance bill every month. It's simple. Refer a customer to ECG long distance and you'll receive a credit on your bill. Just how much can you save? It's up to you. Your credit is based on your referral's long distance usage. You'll receive 5% of that usage credited to your account. The more people you refer the more you save! And these aren't one-time savings either! You will continue to receive a credit every month for as long as your referral remains an ECG customer! Now that's something to talk about!

Jane Average is an ECG customer. Jane's monthly long distance bill is $20. Jane refers 7 friends to ECG.
Total referral usage of Jane's 7 friends: $175
5% of $175 = $8.75

Jane's monthly bill went from $20 to $11.25
Jane saved over 40%
Jane is happy


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